Ship Performance Monitoring

Our systems are able to both monitor ship performance and to analyse the performance data. There are several levels of system available, tailored to differing customer requirements, and capable of integration with each other.

They range from Kyma Shaft Power Meter, a torque meter for monitoring propulsion power, to the Kyma Ship Performance Monitoring System, able to collect data from a wide variety of onboard instrumentation and (in conjunction with the Kyma Online service) to analyse the vessel performance.

Our system are tools to meet the meet guidelines for the Energy Efficient Design Index (EEDI), Energy Efficiency eXisting Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations.

Kyma Online offers our clients the possibility to have all their fleet performance information held securely in the cloud and share their information amongst multiple users and third-parties (charterers etc.). In-between, there are solutions of varying complexity, depending on your demands for monitoring and analysis of the performance of your ships.

Performance evaluation

Contracts for new buildings are based on performance estimates from model tank testing. our performance monitoring systems can confirm precisely the contract performance parameters or specify any deviations.


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