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Building on the Strong
Platform of Kyma

The Only Source of Truth You’ll Need

With our digital platform, Danelec Connect, we bring together the best of two worlds - Danelec and Kyma. Building on Kyma’s massive legacy within ship performance, and combining this with the powerful data capturing capabilities of Danelec, our new platform, Danelec Connect, is built to accelerate the digitalization of the maritime industry.

With Danelec Connect, we are delivering a new platform purpose-built for the maritime industry providing the right data to the right people at the right time.

Big Picture

Navigating the complexity posed by
abundant data sources

The vast amount of data sources from modern ships, if not properly managed, can reduce operational efficiency. Time-consuming sifting through irrelevant data may cloud crucial metrics, obscure key issues, and delay decision-making.

Realize the Full Potential of your Fleet

Empower great decisions across your fleet, get instant insights on your vessels, and boots your efficiency. 

This is Danelec Connect.

  • Fleet Monitoring

  • Ship Performance

  • Emission Reporting

  • Intelligent Notifications

Empower Greater Decisions
With Real-time Insights

The digital platform Danelec Connect provides high-frequency, real-time data on various aspects of your ship's operations, integrating data from all vessels, all systems and sensors on a single platform.

This data enables a more informed and accurate decision-making process, optimizing operational efficiency, and ultimately maximizing ROI.

Fleet monitoring

Unleash Maritime Excellence

Discover the only source of truth you'll ever need for maritime operations. Steer your operations towards smoother seas and significant savings.

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Boost Efficiency and
Slash Operational Costs

Ship performance monitoring provides insights into your vessel's operational performance, allowing for adjustments and improvements that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your vessel, thereby increasing ROI.


Stay Ahead of the Regulation
with Automatic Emission Reporting

With Danelec Connect you gain operational efficiency by obtaining emission reporting. Calculating vessel Carbon Intensity Index (CII), and automatically gathering data on fuel oil consumption, distance travelled, and hours underway for each year enables you to determine the ship's operational carbon intensity easily visualized through the extended dashboard.


Get Instant Stats on
Every Vessel in your Fleet

With intelligent notifications in the face of sensor irregularities, missing data, or performance anomalies, you're equipped to swiftly address and plan remedial actions.

Danelec Connect ensures that you stay ahead of issues, maintaining optimal vessel performance.


Predict, Prevent,
and Save

Our advanced monitoring systems include trend analysis/preventive analytics capabilities.

By predicting potential faults or failures before they happen, these systems allow for preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and avoiding expensive emergency repairs.


Easy Access via a Robust API

Effortlessly transfer data directly to your own cloud or on-premise database, or if you want to harness the potential of directly integrating data within third-party analytics tools or other specialized software platforms.

And for those collaborations that demand it, select and share specific datasets with hardware and equipment manufacturers.

Choose the bundle you need and
scale it as you grow

A modular platform like Danelec Connect provides you the flexibility to choose and pay only the features and capabilities you need right now, with the option to add on more advanced modules as your needs grow.

Struggling with data overload?

Dive deep into a world of precise, actionable insights with Danelec Connect.

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Struggling with data overload?