About Us

Who we are

Danelec is a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Shaft Power Meters (Kyma), and a supplier of cutting-edge Ship Performance Monitoring systems. Boasting decades of experience in ship data collection, our technologies are installed on over 11,000 vessels, driving operational optimization for safety, cost-effectiveness, and performance. Our dependable, economical maritime IoT infrastructure, DanelecConnect, empowers both in-house and expert partner digital solutions.

Our global presence, with offices in Denmark, Norway, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and China and over 600 factory-trained personnel in 50+ countries, ensures reliable and fast support anywhere in the world.

What we do

Danelec simplifies data capture for ship owners, enabling them to future-proof their fleet and compete effectively in a data-driven, net-zero economy.

Your Trusted Maritime Solutions Provider

We are dedicated to enhancing onboard safety, minimizing CO2 emissions, and optimizing marine operations. Headquartered in Denmark and Norway, with local offices in key shipping markets and a worldwide network of partners, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Prioritizing Safety and Optimizing Operations

Safety at sea is our top priority. Our solutions not only enhance operational efficiency but also maximize the return on investment, reducing the total cost of ownership for our clients. Trust us to keep you ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing maritime industry.

Specializing in Marine Data Collection and Performance Monitoring

Our focus on manufacturing and developing innovative solutions in this field allows us to provide the most efficient product and service to the maritime industry.

Join us in our mission to drive sustainable change in the maritime industry and experience the Danelec difference today.

Why choose us

Our philosophy is rooted in three core principles: SOLID, SAFE, and SIMPLE. Every product we design and every solution we create is guided by these foundational values.

SOLID - Design & development

Reliable Marine Equipment for Dependable Operation

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations with equipment designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the sea. Our products are based on an application-specific design, offering extreme reliability and fewer points of failure. Experience the highest Mean Time Between Failures in the industry with our cutting-edge marine equipment.

Stay Ahead with Future-Proof Marine Equipment

Never worry about obsolescence with our marine equipment that is always supported and designed for the future. We guarantee the serviceability of our products for a minimum of 7 years after their End-of-Life dates, providing peace of mind and ensuring the longevity of your investment. With in-house product development, we have full control over all components, ensuring reliable and dependable performance

SAFE - Service & support

Global Support with Immediate Response

Ensure seamless operations with immediate global support for your marine equipment. With a service tech always near your ship, our extensive network of service centers provides 24/7 service repairs and spare parts availability in 50+ countries. With 600+ factory-certified technicians, you can trust in our commitment to your success.

Experience World-Class Service with Consistency, Efficiency and Transparency

Take advantage of our eService platform for a streamlined and automated shipboard service experience. Enjoy unprecedented levels of consistency and efficiency with our world-class service, designed for maximum transparency and reliability.

SIMPLE - Operation & maintenance

Empower Your Operations with Information at Your Fingertips

Capture shipboard data and put it to work with our innovative remote management solutions. Enjoy instant, cost-optimized shore-to-ship management and leverage big data for informed decisions and more efficient asset management.

Maximize Uptime and Ensure On-Schedule Sailings with Our Exclusive SWAP Technology™

Rest assured that your ship will sail on schedule with our exclusive SWAP technology™. In the event of equipment failure, our fast and easy replacement process eliminates the need for reinstalling software or reconfiguring the system, maximizing your ship's uptime.


Founded in 1995, Danelec develops technologies to optimize the safety, cost, and performance of operations on diverse vessels from commercial ships including tankers, container ships and bulk carriers through to offshore support vessels, jack-up rigs and cruise ships. Today, the company is headed by Casper Jensen, with the European specialist growth equity investor Verdane as majority shareholder.

Following Danelec’s acquisition of KYMA AS, a Norway-based supplier of torque meters and specialist in ship performance monitoring systems, in December 2021, Danelec has become the world’s largest maritime data collection solutions provider.

Over 10,000 ships use the combined company’s solutions globally, collecting information from equipment across the ship and providing owners and operators the data to more efficiently manage their assets by i.e., streamlining route planning and vessel performance optimisation, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.


Our quality commitment

Danelec guarantees top-notch service for its products through its network of trained service partners and technicians. Adhering to strict standards and best practices, our team provides expert and efficient maintenance to ensure optimal product performance throughout its lifetime.

The service partner

The service partner is required to have all parts for service and Annual Performance Testing (APT) in stock, including spare batteries in good condition, stored correctly, and with at least 4 years left before the expiry date is reached.

The technician

Technicians must hold a valid Danelec-issued certificate for the specific product and model being serviced. The technician's performance is continuously reviewed and appraised.

Danelec also requires technicians to submit a Service Performance Test (SPT) for any service or maintenance task carried out on Danelec VDRs. Unique in the industry, the purpose of the mandatory SPT is to check that the VDR is in good working condition after being serviced and that repairs have been carried out correctly. Furthermore, it enables Danelec to monitor, log and build a service history of the VDR and enables early warning in case of any unusual issues.

Management team

Casper Jensen
Casper Jensen
Casper joined Danelec in 2019 and brings 20 years’ experience from the maritime radio and satellite communications market. Casper holds an engineering degree from the Danish Technical University and has held different senior leadership positions within Sales, Marketing and Business Development at Thrane & Thrane A/S and Cobham where he headed up the Cobham SATCOM business (Aero, Land Mobile, Infrastructure and Maritime) until joining Danelec.
Christian Kock
Christian Kock
Christian joined Danelec in 2021 and previously worked at Danish maritime satellite communications company Cobham SATCOM since 2011, where his most recent position was Senior Vice President, Maritime, Sales. Christian is responsibile for the company’s sales performance across the board.
Claus Borum
Claus Borum
Claus joined Danelec in 2021. Claus brings with him extensive knowledge of the industry and many years of experience successfully leading Research and Development teams of multiple large multinational corporations.
Michael Preuss
Michael Preuss
Michael joined Danelec in 2021. He started his career with EY as an auditor before jumping to the other side of the table, working with international fin tech and high tech companies such as NETS, SAXO Bank and Cobham.
Dorthe Nonboe Christensen
Dorthe Nonboe Christensen
SVP Supply Chain
Dorthe has been with Danelec Marine since 2015. She comes from a background in procurement and during her 25 year career she has held various senior management positions in companies such as Cobham.
Mette Løfquist
Mette Løfquist
SVP People & Culture
Mette joined Danelec with more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources. Throughout her career, she has undertaken roles encompassing teaching, mentoring, facilitating, and has served as an L&D Manager, HR Partner, and HR Manager. Mette's experience cuts across various sectors, from public service in the state and municipality to the private sector, primarily in retail. Mette is also a trained Life, Business, and Stress coach, adding a holistic touch to her approach to People & Culture.
Asbjørn Severin
Asbjørn Severin
SVP Marketing & Communications
Asbjørn joined Danelec in 2023 and brings extensive experience from management consulting, branding, and communications. As a consultant, advisor, and partner, Asbjørn has guided clients through major transformations, facilitated M&As, and built relatable brands, with a particular focus on the B2B technology scene.
 Halldor Rongve
Halldor Rongve
SVP Global Operations
Halldor joined in 2021 Danelec as part of the acquisition of Kyma AS. Halldor has 25+ years of experience within the maritime and offshore industry, holding several management positions such as Sales Manager, Managing Director and Vice President. Prior to joining Kyma in June 2020, Mr. Rongve held the position as VP in Palfinger responsible for their Marine and Offshore Cranes globally. Halldor is now responsible for Operations in Danelec globally.

Financial reporting

Our Annual Report 2022/23

Discover the full story behind our record-breaking year and our vision for the future of maritime technology. Read our complete annual report for in-depth insights and strategies.

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Our Annual Report 2022/23
Compliance: the Norwegian Transparency Act

Our 2023 Due Diligence Report provides an in-depth look at our commitment to fundamental human rights and decent working conditions. Read the full report for detailed insights into our ongoing efforts and future strategies to uphold these essential values.

Download the Compliance Report
Compliance: the Norwegian Transparency Act

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