About Us

Who we are

Danelec is a global leader in digital vessel performance management, monitoring technology and solutions to help reduce CO2 emissions from marine operations.

We are headquartered in Denmark and Norway with local offices in the most important shipping markets and a worldwide reach through a global network of partners and agents.

Danelec is a specialist in the field of manufacturing and development of products for marine data collection and vessel performance monitoring.

Our vision is to provide the MOST EFFICIENT PRODUCT AND SERVICE SOLUTION to the maritime industry.

  • Safety first
    Safety at sea is priority #1

  • Optimization of operations
    Enhance fleet operational efficiency

  • Total cost of ownership
    Maximize return on investment

What we do

Danelec simplifies data capture for ship owners, enabling them to future-proof their fleet and compete effectively in tomorrow’s data-dependent, net-zero economy. We develop technologies to optimize the safety, cost, and performance of marine operations as a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and Ship Performance Monitoring (Kyma) systems. We also provide dependable, cost-effective maritime IoT infrastructure and are an innovative enabler of digital solutions developed in-house and by expert partners.

Danelec is committed to provide the most effective products and services that help customers meet changing regulations and to operate more efficiently through the application of data collected on board and accessed in the cloud.

With offices in Denmark, Norway, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and China as well as over 600 factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries worldwide, Danelec has a truly global presence ensuring reliable, cost-efficient and fast service and support to our customers anywhere.


Founded in 1995, Danelec develops technologies to optimize the safety, cost, and performance of operations on diverse vessels from commercial ships including tankers, container ships and bulk carriers through to offshore support vessels, jack-up rigs and cruise ships. Today, the company is headed by Casper Jensen, with the European specialist growth equity investor Verdane as majority shareholder.

Based outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, the company is a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and ship-2-shore data solutions. Following Danelec’s acquisition of KYMA AS, a Norway-based supplier of torque meters and specialist in ship performance monitoring systems, in December 2021, Danelec has become the world’s largest maritime data collection solutions provider.

Over 10,000 ships use the combined company’s solutions globally, collecting information from equipment across the ship and providing owners and operators the data to more efficiently manage their assets by i.e., streamlining route planning and vessel performance optimisation, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.


Our qualtity commitment

In order to ensure the highest quality of service throughout the lifetime of our products, Danelec service partners and their technicians are required to adhere to stringent standards and best practices in order to perform expert and effective service and maintenance.

The service partner

The service partner is required to have all parts for service and Annual Performance Testing (APT) in stock, including spare batteries in good condition, stored correctly, and with at least 4 years left before the expiry date is reached.

The technician

Technicians must hold a valid Danelec-issued certificate for the specific product and model being serviced. The technician's performance is continuously reviewed and appraised.

Danelec also requires technicians to submit a Service Performance Test (SPT) for any service or maintenance task carried out on Danelec VDRs. Unique in the industry, the purpose of the mandatory SPT is to check that the VDR is in good working condition after being serviced and that repairs have been carried out correctly. Furthermore, it enables Danelec to monitor, log and build a service history of the VDR and enables early warning in case of any unusual issues.

Management team

Casper Jensen
Casper Jensen
Casper joined Danelec in 2019 and brings 20 years’ experience from the maritime radio and satellite communications market. Casper holds an engineering degree from the Danish Technical University and has held different senior leadership positions within Sales, Marketing and Business Development at Thrane & Thrane A/S and Cobham where he headed up the Cobham SATCOM business (Aero, Land Mobile, Infrastructure and Maritime) until joining Danelec.
Christian Kock
Christian Kock
Christian joined Danelec in 2021 and previously worked at Danish maritime satellite communications company Cobham SATCOM since 2011, where his most recent position was Senior Vice President, Maritime, Sales. Christian is responsibile for the company’s sales performance across the board.
Claus Borum
Claus Borum
Claus joined Danelec in 2021. Claus brings with him extensive knowledge of the industry and many years of experience successfully leading Research and Development teams of multiple large multinational corporations.
Michael Preuss
Michael Preuss
Michael joined Danelec in 2021. He started his career with EY as an auditor before jumping to the other side of the table, working with international fin tech and high tech companies such as NETS, SAXO Bank and Cobham.
Peter Videcrantz
Peter Videcrantz
Technology Director
Peter is head of Danelec’s R&D department and offers more than 35 years of experience in electronic and mechanical engineering. He has been with Danelec since the inception of the first VDRs in 2002 and previously held similar management positions in a number of hi-tech companies.
Dorthe Nonboe Christensen
Dorthe Nonboe Christensen
Supply Chain Director
Dorthe has been with Danelec Marine since 2015. She comes from a background in procurement and during her 25 year career she has held various senior management positions in companies such as Cobham.

Financial reporting

Annual Report 2021/22

The Annual Report for Danelec Group for 2021/22 has been prepared in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act applying to reporting class C enterprises.

Download the Annual Report
Annual Report 2021/22

Customer Feedback

As an agile organization, Danelec constantly strives to find new ways to provide the most efficient product and service solutions to the maritime industry. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your specific needs and requirements so we can find the right solution for you and your business.

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