Kyma Ship Performance

Monitoring, reporting and analysis

Kyma Ship Performance is a sophisticated solution for overall vessel performance monitoring. This system integrates the Kyma Power Meter system with advanced Windows-based PC software that continuously monitors performance data.

The software includes sea-trial or model tank propulsion baselines, which can be displayed graphically, allowing the comparison of the actual condition vs the design ship condition, in real-time mode. This generates a new information concept expressed as:

  • Deviations from baseline conditions
  • Trending of the deviation from the baseline
  • Hull roughness and heavy propeller indication
  • Diagnostic of vessel performance based on excess fuel consumption

The software has several useful features for efficient ship energy management:

  • Noon-to-noon reports
  • Voyage reports
  • Short-term and long-term trending
  • Instant data display mode
  • Accumulated data display mode
  • Performance trials
  • The capability to interface with any system onboard
  • Foundation to provide decision-making support for analysis of docking intervals
  • Environmental calculation
  • Including KPI (ME SFOC, EEOI, etc)
  • Reporting of atmospheric emissions (CO2, SO2, NOx…)
Kyma Ship Performance
Kyma Ship Performance
Kyma Ship Performance

Optional Options

Diagnostic toolbox

A separate module, Kyma Diagnostic toolbox, is now included in the KSP standard software. It can also be added when upgrading older KSP versions to KSP version8.9. and will make statistical analysis for speed loss, propeller status and ME status.

KSP Basic is an available option for software without Diagnostic Toolbox.

The purpose of the Diagnostic toolbox is to provide an efficient tool to give operator and shipowner a clear message of vessel condition related to hull, machinery and  propeller by a Performance status indication.

This software toolbox will include features for setting time of any major event that will cause a break of a trend line.

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KSP Trim Module

The Kyma KSP Trim Module is a separate software module that can be integrated with the KSP system software.

The Kyma KSP Trim Module has features to optimize vessel trim at any power and draft condition by use of KSP Logging history function and Trial mode.

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Kyma Wheelhouse Display Unit

Kyma – WDU, 10" Wheel house display unit

Ship performance displayed in wheelhouse

The new and fully editable 10” Kyma Display Unit (KDU-300) for the wheelhouse, C/E office or other location can give you any information available from the Kyma Ship Performance system (KSP).

Instantaneous, averaged and accumulated (day or voyage) values for important values such as, fuel consumption, shaft power, vessel speed, wind, torque, thrust, +++ can be displayed as both text and/or graphics.

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Ship Performance Trim Optimization Brochure
PDF (390.8KB)
Ship Performance Diagnostic Toolbox Brochure
PDF (262.6KB)
Ship Performance Generator Engine Optimization Tool Brochure
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Ship Performance Trial Report Brochure
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Ship Performance Brochure
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Danelec Ship Performance Monitoring Brochure
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