Danelec Connect

Web-based solution for Kyma Ship Performance

Danelec Connect is a web-based management tool that allows easy, secure access to fleet performance evaluation from any internet-connected PC or tablet using common browsers.

The system provides clear, color-coded vessel status and nautical information to help identify significant performance deviations from individual benchmarks. Color coding makes it simple to monitor hull fouling, propeller condition, hull performance, and main engine performance.

Danelec Connect
Danelec Connect

Key Features

Fleet overview

Users can track their entire fleet of vessels on an interactive digital map.


Users are able to add their own notes and comments to anything.


Users can upload documents such as user manuals, final documents, bunker certificates, etc, for each vessel.


All available reports such as daily reports, voyage reports as well as trial reports can be downloaded as pdf files. Simply choose the type of report and select a date. Trial reports are available if a sea trial has been carried out by crew.

History logging

Choose any parameter/value available (up to 10 each time or groups of 10 values) to plot graphs with high frequency data of a chosen time period. Values can be combined on the same graph and the data downloaded in CSV format.

Diagnostic Toolbox

The Diagnostic Toolbox is a module that is activated onboard the vessel within the Kyma Ship Performance software and can be activated even if the customer chooses not to have Danelec Connect. This function is also coming to Kyma Delfini in the future.


This requires that Diagnostic Toolbox is activated onboard the vessel.

The Diagnostics page shows, in detail as a curve with values, the data used to calculate various performance statuses. The page with long trend analysis is shown as trend curves of the power/speed, power/rpm, and SFR in a colour-coded diagram with a performance value for each day. It also shows detailed information about performance, benchmark levels, efficiency loss, and fuel impact.

Notification Centre

This feature notifies the user by email and/or online of irregularities with onboard sensors, missing data and/or performance issues.

Emission reports

This module makes it possible to generate MRV/IMO reports. It is certified by Verifavia in compliance with the EU regulation 2015/757, set in force from January 2018. The Kyma system is certified for fuel monitoring methods A, B and C. NOTE: Reports can also be made available for non-Kyma Ship Performance customers, for all manual input, only.

Charter Party module

Using this tool, the performance data collected can be used for detailed analysis and evaluation of how the vessel performs relative to any specific Charter Party contract, or other benchmark conditions. It is also designed for customers operating in the spot market.

Data analysis

An optional feature which allows users to perform any data analysis evaluating the relation between two parameters logged in the Kyma Ship Performance system onboard. It allows any filter to be set for a specific period, with results displayed as graphs and numerically. In addition, the module offers the possibility of checking the prediction of the behavior of the parameters under analysis, based on historical data available and filtering applied.


The API provides an interface between the customer’s own computer systems and the Danelec Connect cloud which is a repository for the logging data received from the Kyma Ship Performance system onboard their vessels. Using the API gives owners the possibility to extract the data at the frequency desired and display it in their own BI/ERP system with the format and layout that they prefer. The data can be combined with data from other data sources (maintenance, operational, financial etc.) within the customer’s own BI/ERP data system, which then becomes the owner’s responsibility.


Danelec Ship Performance Monitoring Brochure
PDF (2.6MB)
Kyma Online Charter Party Brochure
PDF (501.9KB)
Kyma Online API Brochure
PDF (974.7KB)
Kyma Online Monitoring Reporting Verification Brochure
PDF (356.2KB)