Kyma Shaft Power Meter

Measurement of torque, power and revolutions

The Kyma Shaft Power Sensor measures shaft torque and thrust* using strain gauge technique. The instrument consists of an aluminum ring clamped onto the shaft, a stationary unit located next to the shaft and a terminal junction box for signal and power connection.

The following propulsion data are recorded by the Kyma Shaft Power Sensor and presented on the Display Unit:

  • Power
  • Rpm
  • Torque
  • Thrust*
  • Total Energy Power
  • Total revolutions

* option

Kyma Shaft Power Meter
Kyma Shaft Power Meter
Kyma Shaft Power Meter
Kyma Shaft Power Meter

Key Features


Designed to be maintenance-free, a zero calibration is the only recommended action to be done on the system, an easy operation that takes ship staff around 10 minutes and which should be done approximately every 6 months.

Overload Protection

Early warning signals provide a further benefit for the continuous monitoring of propulsion components. These can indicate the overload stress on components and thus prevent an unexpected breakdown. To achieve optimum operation without overloading can also prolong the operating life of components -giving better total economy and improving the return on investment.

Proven Technology

Our performance systems are well proven with currently more than 4.000 systems sold. Many of these vessels were installed more than 30 years ago and are still in operation.

Key Benefits
  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Available for multi-shaft installations
  • No mechanical wear
  • Not affected by any pollution in the engine room
  • Option for Thrust measurement
  • Option for PDF output of voyage reports on USB port
  • Design for use in hazardous areas
  • Easy to install both on new vessels and on vessels in operation
  • Ring is suitable for all shafts above 225mm


China Classification Society Type Approval Certificate Shaft Power Meter
PDF (4.7MB)
Danelec Ship Performance Monitoring Brochure
PDF (2.6MB)