Danelec launches Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) system

New solution integrates with any Shaft Power Meters to support the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions under forthcoming IMO MEPC76 regulations

Maritime safety, data collection and smart shipping technologies specialist Danelec has opened the order book on its new standardised and cost effective Kyma SHaPoLi (Shaft Power Limitation) system, which can be installed on any ship. Developed as a standalone system for seamless connection to shaft power meters from any manufacturer, including the Kyma Shaft Power Meter, Kyma SHaPoLi helps ship owners and managers to meet operational and reporting requirements set as part of new IMO regulations to tackle greenhouse gas emissions established at MEPC76 in June 2021 and coming into force during 2023.

Kyma SHaPoLi is a simple to install, powerful solution that ensures 100% of a vessel’s engine power is accessible if needed, while providing tamper-proof recording for reporting as part of the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI).

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The system features audio and visual alarms to alert engineers and officers in case of use of power reserve which would result in more fuel consumption than allowed by EEXI rules. It also allows for reporting in case of using power reserve that may be required due to safety or navigational issues. Kyma SHaPoLi connects to shaft power meters on the vessel’s intermediate shaft and presents information in a way that is easy to interpret and understand.

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“Kyma SHaPoLi meets the requirements of MEPC76, detailed in IACS rec. 172 and will allow ships to operate using optimal shaft power and as a result consume less fuel oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Halldor Rongve, Managing Director, Kyma. “Considering the legislative aspects relating to MEPC76 we have ensured that the system is easy to integrate to Kyma Shaft Power Meters and any other similar systems already installed, either by our own technicians or by ship’s crew.

All Kyma SHaPoLi system components are already type approved by one or more of the major class societies, it is expected to receive a full DNV system type approval in October 2022. Although operation requires interconnection to existing Kyma Shaft Power Meters or similar third-party systems, Kyma SHaPoLi will be approved as a complete stand-alone alarm, logging, and reporting solution in accordance with the requirements from the International Association of Class Societies (IACS) related to MEPC76.


DNV Type Approval Certificate Kyma Shapoli
PDF (115.1KB)

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