Conversion Kits

Tailor-made VDR conversion kits

Our tailor-made conversion kits, fitting VDRs from more than 50 different existing manufacture models, make it possible for our certified technicians to complete the installation with minimum effort and downtime, saving the shipowner extensive time and effort on the part of installing technicians.

By applying a set of mechanical hardware, software tools, and sensor interface solutions developed by Danelec, cable runs and mounting hardware from existing systems onboard can be reused.

Retrofitting your existing VDR, Danelec delivers the mechanical kits which include pre-drilled adaptor plates and mounting brackets for the main unit, memory capsule, and bridge microphones. The kit also includes Remote Data Interface (RDI) units for serial, analog, and digital connections, as well as a software tool for the conversion of old configuration files.

When retrofitting your old VDR, you gain access to the latest VDR technology also provides a built-in upgrade pathway to initiate fleetwide retrieval of data from shipboard systems using Danelec Marine’s remote management solutions.

Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits


Danelec VDR Family Brochure
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