Conversion Kits

Tailor-made VDR conversion kits

Upgrade Your VDR with Danelec's Conversion Kits

Our custom conversion kits are compatible with over 50 existing VDR models from various manufacturers for easy retrofitting, enabling the reuse of cable runs and mounting hardware. Our certified technicians can complete installation with minimal effort, reducing ship downtime.

Our kits include pre-drilled adaptor plates, mounting brackets, Remote Data Interface (RDI) units for serial, analog, and digital connections, and a software tool for converting old configuration files.

Retrofit your vessel's VDR and stay ahead of the competition with Danelec's VDR conversion kits with 50+ manufacturer models supported. Upgrade today and enjoy the benefits of the latest technology, efficient and future-proof system with the ability to retrieve data from ship systems with Danelec's remote management solutions.

Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits


Danelec VDR Family Brochure
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