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Introducing mandatory Service Performance Test and launch of new Service App

As part of our commitment to the industry, we are dedicated to provide the best service to our Service Partners and Customers as well as being as easy to work with as possible.

Service Performance Test (SPT)

Inline with those assurances, we have released our latest VDR Annual Performance Test (APT) and Service Tool which introduces a new requirement for any maintenance task carried out on a Danelec S-VDR, L-VDR, or VDR, a Service Performance Test (SPT). Unique in the industry, the purpose of the mandatory SPT is to check that the VDR is in good working condition after being serviced and that repairs have been carried out correctly. Furthermore, it enables us to monitor, log and build a service history of the VDR and allows us to get an early warning in case of any unusual issues.

Service App

In addition to the APT and Service Tool, Danelec has released the Danelec Service App for Android, designed to assist technicians onboard vessels, walking them through the different photos required for submitting Installation/Annual/Service Performance Tests. The App also makes it much easier and faster to upload and attach pictures to the case. The Danelec Service App is available from the Google Play Store, for Android 7 and higher. An iPhone version is currently in development.

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