DNV Type Approval for Kyma Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) system

We’re pleased to report that our new standardised Kyma SHaPoLi (Shaft Power Limitation) system has now been Type Approved by DNV, ensuring that our customers will be 100% compliant under new IMO regulations to tackle greenhouse gas emissions established at MEPC76 in June 2021 and coming into force next year.

The regulations state that all ocean-going cargo and passenger ships above 400 gross tonnage must have an Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) measurement before the first survey after January 2023, while cargo, RoPAX and Cruise vessels over 400 gross tonnage will be required to have a Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) also.

Ships affected by the EEXI can become compliant by deploying a Shaft Power Limiter (SPL) or Engine Power Limiter (EPL), but it must be Type Approved like Kyma ShaPoLi in order to guarantee its acceptance within the context of the new regulations.

The Kyma SHaPoLi system is a cost-effective and easy to install system that meets the guidelines for using optimal shaft power and as a result consume less fuel oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It ensures that 100% of a vessel’s engine power is accessible if needed, while providing tamper-proof recording for reporting as part of the EEXI.

Developed as a standalone system for seamless connection to shaft power meters from any manufacturer, including the Kyma Shaft Power Meter, Kyma SHaPoLi is in stock and ready to order now. Contact us or your local Danelec partner to make sure your Type Approved system arrives before the first annual survey on for your ship or fleet next year.  


DNV Type Approval Certificate Kyma Shapoli
PDF (115.1KB)

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