Danelec with Strategic Acquisition – Strengthens Its Position in Maritime Safety and Green Transition

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Danish Danelec, a global market leader in the production of electronic equipment for the maritime industry, consolidates its market position in the Voyage Data Recorders sector further with the acquisition of MacGregor's business in this field. With this investment, Danelec enhances its installed base to a total of 16,000.

With the acquisition of MacGregor's Voyage Data Recorder business (VDR) including the Maritime Data Engine (MDE) Software, Danish Danelec further establishes itself as a global leader in the market for VDRs in the maritime industry.

"The acquisition is an important and logical step for us. Not only are we increasing our share of installed VDR solutions worldwide, but we are also enhancing our technological capability, our know-how, and improving our position in several segments of the maritime industry," says Casper Jensen, CEO of Danelec.

With the realization of the acquisition on November 1st, Danelec now commands an installed base of around 16 thousand units across business areas – VDR, Ship Performance Monitoring, and IoT data collection. Voyage Data Recorders are devices installed on ships and function like the "black boxes" known from airplanes. They collect vital data concerning the ship's operation, which is primarily used for safety purposes and additionally can be used to optimize ship operation in order to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec

Necessity for Technological Development

The shipping industry transports more than 90% of world trade, and the sector is known for its significant emission output, with three percent of global greenhouse gases directly traceable to the maritime industry. In the summer of 2023, the agency under the UN, International Maritime Organization (IMO), agreed on an updated, industry-specific strategy to pave the way for a carbon-neutral industry by 2050.

"With IMO’s ambition to make the industry carbon-neutral by 2050, we see it as necessary that the industry and its players invest in the required technological development - and here at Danelec, we are eager to lead the way and shoulder our part of the responsibility. I believe that with this acquisition, we are sending a clear signal about our commitment," says Casper Jensen.

Shared Values and Synergies

Founded in 1995, Danelec is built on nearly 30 years of experience and know-how, and the title of a global player is further supported by the acquisition. After the consolidation, Danelec commands 130 employees spread across 11 offices, supplemented by approximately 200-225 service partners and more than 700 trained technicians distributed worldwide.

MacGregor is owned by Finnish Cargotec. Cargotec acquired Interschalt Maritime Systems in 2016 and integrated the VDR and MDE portfolio from the Interschalt services business under MacGregor. That is the portfolio that Danelec is now taking over.

It brings joy to Danelec, that not only the product but also several team members are becoming part of Danelec. The entire team is thrilled about the transfer. Especially Nicola Jensch, who is taking over the daily management of the German business for Danelec in connection with the consolidation is looking forward to the business opportunities.

"The acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for us, as we view Danelec’s resources and expertise in VDR as the best and most innovative in the market. We are also looking forward to exploiting the shared values and synergy that will undoubtedly benefit our business and customers," says Nicola Jensch.

At MacGregor, they concur:

“We are confident that Danelec is the right entity to take over our VDR business. Their technical leadership and innovative approach in the maritime industry are unparalleled. We believe that under Danelec’s stewardship, the VDR business will not only thrive but also continue to innovate and lead in the market,” says Rainer Twisterling, Vice President Europe at MacGregor.

The acquisition is the second within a couple of years, following Danelec’s purchase of Norwegian KYMA AS, a leading specialist in digital monitoring of ship operations, in December 2021.

About Danelec

Danelec develops technologies to improve safety, optimize ship operation, and reduce both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Based just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, and with 10 international offices, the company is a leading manufacturer of recording equipment for shipping (Voyage Data Recorders - VDR), digital ship performance monitoring, and ship-to-shore data solutions.

Danelec commands an installed base of around 16 thousand units. They are committed to delivering the most effective products and services that assist customers in the maritime industry to comply with changing regulations and operate more efficiently using data collected on board and accessed in the cloud.