Danelec Wins SMART4SEA Technology Award for Danelec Connect Platform: A Beacon for Sustainability, Safety, and Digitalization in Maritime

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In an era where the maritime industry faces pressing challenges such as increased pressure to reduce escalating emissions, growing safety incidents, and the imperative need for digital transformation, Danelec stands out as a forerunner of change with its Danelec Connect platform. This commitment has been recognized through the SMART4SEA Technology Award, underscoring Danelec's pivotal role in steering the maritime sector towards a more sustainable, safe, and digital future.

About Danelec Connect

Danelec Connect is at the forefront of maritime digital solutions, designed to revolutionize ship operations by providing high-frequency, automated, and agnostic ship data directly to the cloud. This platform seamlessly integrates with Danelec's proven ship data capture technology, including the advanced capabilities acquired from Kyma's Shaft Power Meter and ship performance monitoring solutions.

Addressing the Climate Challenge

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) projects a potential increase in maritime emissions by 50-250% in the coming decades, emphasizing the urgent need for the industry to pivot towards more eco-friendly practices. Danelec Connect emerges as a critical tool in this transition, offering an advanced platform for optimizing vessel performance and reducing carbon footprints - a response to the growing demands from cargo owners for more sustainable shipping solutions.

Enhancing Maritime Safety

The recent surge in safety incidents, with a 9% increase in 2022 following a 7% rise in 2021, highlights the escalating risks in maritime operations. Danelec Connect addresses this concern by integrating advanced data analytics enhancing situational awareness and operational safety aboard vessels.

Fueling Digital Transformation

The maritime sector's digitalization is no longer a matter of if but when, with the demand for digital solutions witnessing exponential growth. The key to meeting this demand lies in efficient, reliable, and straightforward data collection and processing. Traditional empirical models, which utilize merely 10% of vessel data, fall short of the comprehensive insights provided by Danelec Connect, processing all of the data available to optimize decision-making and safety measures.

A Unified Approach to Digitalization

The maritime technology landscape is fraught with fragmentation and complexity, posing significant barriers to effective digital transformation. Danelec's agnostic approach to digitalization, embodied in the Danelec Connect platform, is designed to navigate this fragmented market, offering a cohesive solution that prioritizes the needs and safety of ship owners and their fleets.

Casper Jensen, CEO

Danelec's Vision for the Future

As a frontrunner in maritime safety, data collection, and AI-based analytics, Danelec is not just responding to the industry's current challenges but is actively shaping the future of maritime operations. The SMART4SEA Technology Award underscores the tangible impact of Danelec Connect on the maritime industry. By leveraging diverse onboard data, the platform offers significant potential for performance optimization, fuel savings, and CO2 reduction. With Danelec's technology installed on over 14,000 vessels worldwide, the environmental and operational benefits are substantial.

Danelec's CEO, Casper Jensen, expressed gratitude for the award: "We are deeply honored to receive the SMART4SEA Technology Award. This recognition validates our efforts to drive digital transformation in the maritime industry. Danelec Connect is a testament to our team's hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit. We remain committed to delivering solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to a more sustainable maritime environment."

By centralizing and consolidating ship data into a single platform, Danelec Connect offers a comprehensive view of maritime operations, enabling decision-makers to access critical information efficiently. The platform's flexibility allows for easy integration with third-party services through API, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for maritime stakeholders.


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