Danelec VDR availability unaffected by market issues

Danelec is aware that access to some VDR products from different sources has been affected by the lack of available components for manufacturing and other global issues, making it harder for shipowners to acquire the products required for vessels to be fully compliant under Regulation 20 of SOLAS Chapter V on Voyage Data Recorders (VDR).

The knock-on effect of these VDR shortages and delays can be costly in terms of time lost in port or drydock, or the late operational availability of newbuild vessels. Fortunately, Danelec has established a reliable and secure supply chain over twenty years as the leading VDR manufacturer and we are well positioned to meet the VDR procurement needs of the SOLAS market.

We have our complete range of VDR products in stock at first party warehouses in Denmark, Thailand, and the USA, and throughout our global distribution partner network. Danelec’s ability to deliver is unaffected by issued faced elsewhere in the market, and our sales and fulfilment teams continue to ensure that delivery dates are met and shipping goes off without a hitch.

Essentially, it’s business as usual and we are ready to help shipowners that have been struggling to get the VDR products they need,” said Christian Kock, Chief Commercial Officer, Danelec. “Our supply chain continues to operate as normal, just like it has over the last few years, ensuring that the full Danelec VDR portfolio is available to order on standard terms and lead times.

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