Danelec ship performance monitoring solution boosts fleet digitalization and decarbonization program for the SeaTankers Group fleet

Integrated hardware and IoT infrastructure simplify and optimize onboard sensor data acquisition and cloud transfer for +120 vessels.

Maritime safety, data collection and ship performance monitoring leader Danelec has completed a comprehensive turnkey project from installation to commissioning of a cloud-connected ship performance monitoring solution on +120 merchant ships operated by SeaTankers Group (Frontline, Golden Ocean Group, SFL Corp, Avance Gas, FlexLNG). The state-of-the-art solution is designed to unlock fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by collecting and delivering data from diverse onboard sensors.

Combining Danelec’s Kyma Shaft Power Meter, Vessel Remote Server (VRS) and DanelecConnect maritime IoT infrastructure, the solution will support SeaTankers Group’s long-term focus on maintaining a modern, energy efficient fleet as a key environmental pillar in its company-wide sustainability strategy.

Configured in close co-operation with third party equipment manufacturers to ensure compatibility regardless of the type of machinery onboard, the ship performance monitoring solution places the Danelec VRS as a central hub for collection and transfer of data from the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and other sensors including shaft power meters and fuel flow meters, as well as power management and alarm monitoring systems.

The data collected and transferred from the vessels via Danelec's IoT gateway is processed and analyzed on DanelecConnect cloud infrastructure, so insight and information can be accessed anywhere in world. It provides a fact-based and trustworthy foundation for SeaTankers Group ship managers, technical staff and data scientists to unlock operational efficiencies in the context of e.g., reducing fuel consumption through digital twins, voyage optimization and adapting engine and generator usage according to conditions.

"Digitalize 2 decarbonize is an important part of our decarbonization strategy. Digital twins increase our ability to identify future hazards and to take timely and qualitative actions, maintaining our position as a premium operator," said Lars Pedersen, CTO, Frontline Management AS. “Our digitalization strategy demands vendors with a proven track record of delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions for the acquisition of critical vessel data and we’re confident that both the onboard and cloud aspects of Danelec’s ship performance monitoring solution will help us achieve ambitious environmental sustainability goals.

"Our technology agnostic approach to ship performance monitoring allows us to connect onboard systems and sensors from a wide variety of manufacturers and ensure that the resulting standardized information is easily actionable in order to lower fuel consumption and resulting GHG emissions, while improving operational efficiency to reduce costs," said Christian Kock, CCO, Danelec Marine A/S.

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