The first maritime supplier to embrace servitization

Business schools define servitization as “the innovation of a company’s capabilities and processes to better create mutual value through a shift from selling products to selling product-service systems.” This is not a completely new concept. In its most elementary form, it is what happens when your mobile network carrier sells you a phone or tablet bundled with a monthly service plan. That is servitization. When an HVAC contractor sells you a maintenance agreement or an alarm company installs a system in your home with a monitoring service, that is also servitization.

Danelec Marine, a Danish marine electronics manufacturer, was one of the first maritime suppliers to embrace servitization. The company has been pioneering a comprehensive servitization strategy that permeates throughout all aspects of the business, from product architecture to standardization of processes, quality control, worldwide distribution, after-sale service, and repair, to spare parts management as well as customer interaction.

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Learn how we engineered these changes internally and what are the implications for the industry.

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White paper