Announcement of name change from Kyma AS to Danelec Norway AS

We are pleased to inform you that the name of our company, organization number 974 416 549, has been changed from Kyma AS to Danelec Norway AS with effect from 09/12/2022. The name change is the result of the acquisition of the company by Danelec Marine A/S in December 2021.

This change has gone through all the legal requirements and the company is now officially registered with Brønnøysundregistrene as Danelec Norway AS.

We assure you that this rebranding will not affect or delay current orders, any commitments and processes remain unchanged.

From 09/12/2022, we will be using the new name for all our official purposes. Therefore, we request you to make a note of the change in the company’s name.

In case you have any doubt regarding this letter, kindly contact us at, +47 5553 0014 or reach out to your usual point of contact.


Official Announcement of Company Name Change
PDF (282.7KB)

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