Comprehensive Guide to our Maritime IoT Infrastructure Solution

Get answers to your questions about DanelecConnect, our leading maritime IoT infrastructure solution. Understand how our technology optimizes vessel and fleet operations through data analysis, increases safety onboard, and supports efficient maintenance and compliance with upcoming regulations. 

Are DanelecConnect and the Danelec Vessel Remote Server (VRS) the same thing?

No, although they are essential components of a cloud-based solution that puts critical data in view of the people who need it to ensure safer and more efficient vessel and fleet options.

The Danelec VRS is a hardware device that connects to a vessel’s Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) as a robust, cost-efficient purpose-built aggregation point for all sensor data on-board a vessel and a connectivity module for transferring the collected data to shore and into the DanelecConnect digital platform. In addition to providing storage for diverse data formats, DaneleConnect also hosts cutting-edge appplications provided by DanelecConnect partners.

Through this, the platform provides significant vessel and fleet optimisation capabilities based on inisght derived from real data, with diverse applications that support ship owners and managers to meet their clients’ needs through smarter, better informed decision making.

DanelecConnect is a scalable, flexible and cost-efficient way to quickly gain economic and operational benefits from advanced ship data utilisation whilst at the same time, future-proofing vessels and IT infrastructure to be able to comply with upcoming regulations and adapt to changes in operational strategy.

What is DanalecConnect used for?

The seamless interaction between DanelecConnect and a wide range of advanced cloud-based tools provides decision support for shipowners and operators. The data collected can be used for a variety of use cases including fleet performance analysis, vessel monitoring, operational efficiency improvement, increased safety on-board, reduction of CO2 emissions, Bridge Operating Quality Assurance (BOQA) and automatic noon-reports. DanelecConnect also delivers enhanced asset management capabilities for condition-based maintenance of on-board equipment.

How is data transferred from ships to DanelecConnect?

While the Danelec VRS manages data aggregation and transfer, it is up to a vessels’ own communication systems to send the data to Internet where it can then reach the DanelecConnect platform. When voyaging, the data will normally be sent via a satellite communication service. Considering the cost and availability of such services, The Danelec VRS uses a sophisticated data compression system in preparation for transferring the information back to shore, on average utilizing only 1 mb of data per day.

Do I need a Danelec VDR to use DanelecConnect?

No, the Danelec VRS and DanelecConnect can operate independently of a VDR input, or with data coming from any manufacturer’s VDR. For non-VDR data, Remote Data Interface modules are used to pick up analog, digital or serial sensor data throughout the ship for on-board data collection.

What is the DanelecConnect Application Program?

The DanelecConnect Applications has been implmented to provide support for maritime software developers by providing a pre-made cloud infratsucture for their products. By choosing to host applications with DanelecConnect, software developers can focus their resources on prvoiding their customers the most powerful tools to imporve ship safety and operations, while the cloud aspects if managed by Danelec and the DaneleConnect platform. The DanelecConnect Application Program does not demand exclusivity from software company partners, giving them the flexibility to choose solutions that are best suited to their individual end-users.

How can a software developer join the DanelecConnect Application Program?

Maritime software and cloud developers seeking to leverage DanelecConnect infrastructure for their applications should contact: sales@danelec.com

Does DanelecConnect also host applications from Danelec?

The objective of the DanelecConnect platform is to provide an open, easily accesible cloud platform for application developers to deliver efficiency enhancing services. Having said that, Danelec also leverages the power of DaneleConnect to unlock new effeciencies and advantages in the Danalec VDR family. For instance, it’s possible to get instant access to vessel VDR data with Danelec's Remote Management Tool. Users can easily transfer and replay recorded information in case of an incident or emergency as well as perform VDR diagnostics and pre-APT tests remotely, saving time and reducing the risk of unsuccessful APTs. With the crew's permission, the Remote Management Tool also makes it possible to remotely configure the VDR system from shore without physical attendance.

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