The Power of Partnerships in Navigating Environmental and Operational Challenges

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    By Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec
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The constantly growing drive for environmental sustainability from cargo owners and regulators combined with financial and operational safety challenges are behind the fact that 69%* of shipping companies are actively exploring new digitalisation opportunities.

The desire for digital solutions is clearly snowballing – however, safe, solid and simple collection of the vessel and fleet data it requires continues to allude many, making the digitalisation process more painful than it should be for shipowners and managers.

Behind this is an often closed and compartmentalized maritime digital landscape, with customers becoming locked in to a single ecosystem before the true value of their data can be released. In the field of digitalisation, being connected is the overriding aim, so surely a more open, partnership-focused approach is needed.

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Connecting Expert Organizations With Different Skillsets

We believe that partnerships bridge the gap between maritime domain knowledge and technological expertise. Innovation is possible within a silo, but bringing experts together ensures that the development of digital technologies follows the needs and desired outcome of the end users.

Our partnerships with the likes of Storm Geo and Sperry have helped us to simplify safety and digitalisation for ship owners and managers, contributing towards operational efficiency, environmental sustainability and economic gains. By joining forces with domain experts, we help to defragment the digital landscape and offer solutions that are easier to adopt and integrate.

We see that an open, outcome-driven and technology agnostic approach to digitalisation ultimately brings the needs of our customers to the center of our solutions. And, while we have the platform to serve our customers' fleet digitalization from end to end, we are advocates are advocates for the partnership model and believe that vendors should seek out cooperation with their peers, as it will help to simplify and accelerate digitalisation for the benefit of the shipping and marine technology stakeholders.

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It's All Data, Wherever it Comes From

Our turnkey digital solutions leverage Danelec Connect to cater for end-to-end digitalization, but we are agnostic at heart and have purpose-built our platform for partnerships. We are proud of the benefits that Kyma Ship Performance Monitoring gives to our customers, and equally proud of achievements through our work with around 200 different partners. 

Today’s focus is on collecting and analyzing sensor data to improve ship performance using cloud-based AI analytics or third-party platforms. We offer these capabilities as a core functionality of our digital portfolio following the acquisition of Nautilus Labs at the end of 2023, but that doesn’t mean Danelec customers must use our analytics or indeed our infrastructure.

On the contrary, an open and partnership-driven approach enables us to build on the digitalisation work that our customers have already started. Our technology agnostic platform reduces complexity and we are positive that the availability of High Frequency, High Quality data should be the norm, not the exception. Locking customers in is counter-intuitive and counter-productive, which is why Danelec believes that saying yes to the right partnerships is the only way forward.

What does technology agnostic really mean?

For us it's providing an open platform for expert partners to deliver operational value. For shipowners its the simple ability scale digitalisation without having to start again from scratch.

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