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Product announcements at Posidonia 2022

We will be making changes to our best-selling Voyage Data Recorder, the DM100 VDR, during the second half of 2022, with the introduction of a new second-generation model and several component and accessory replacements.

New VDR Generation

We are continuing to innovate. DM100 VDR G2 will have improved capabilities to further strengthen the position of our flagship VDR as the market leader. There will be some component changes ‘under the hood’, implemented to ensure we are able to continue meeting high demand in the market.

Due to growing demand from the market, the new generation of our DM100 VDR will have double the memory both internally and in the fixed capsule compared to its predecessor which increases the maximum recording duration capability to 102 hours. DM100 VDR G2 is also prepared for the recording of complex high-resolution images such as those from an S100 ECDIS further ensuring the future readiness and compliance of our offering. We will be continuing to use true SLC memory inside the fixed capsule to ensure greater extended operational lifetime and superior reliability of our VDRs.

The new components have been carefully selected to ensure the same reliability and functionality that DM100 users expect, and new service network processes have been put in place to ensure that the unique benefits of our SWAP program are always available for both G1 and G2 models. This ensures smoother, faster, and lower cost service and troubleshooting.

New Float-free Capsule

Further changes include the introduction of our Float-free Capsule MK2 for the DM100 VDR. For new VDR installations after July 1st, IMO regulation will make it mandatory to use a new enhanced Float-free Capsule, (FFC). The replacement FFC for the DM100 has an AIS emergency transponder built-in for enhanced location capabilities as well as a return link functionality for confirming receipt of the distress signal by a rescue centre (EPIRB functionality).

We are the first and only VDR manufacturer to have received a DNV Type Approval for our enhanced FFC MK2. We have also introduced a split delivery option so DM100 VDRs can be ordered with the existing FCC now or with the new FCC MK2 delivered after the deadline.

DNV Type Approval

Minimum network storage increase

We are also updating our Extended Data Storage offering, replacing the original 1 x 512GB and 2 x 512GB (1TB) SSD options with a 1TB SSD and an optional 2x 1TB SSD (RAID 1). This will ensure continuous availability as demand for storing more data on board continues to grow.

If you have any questions about the stated DM100 VDR changes coming this year, please contact your local Danelec Marine sales or service partner. Alternatively, feel free to email us directly at: sales@danelec-marine.com

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