Introducing a new three year VDR warranty and extended support period

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    Christian Kock, CCO
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We have boosted our long-term commitment to supporting our customers’ safety and compliance by extending the warranty for our flagship DM100 VDR Family from two to three years and pushing the full support horizon all the way out until at least 2036.

The changes underscore our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that outpace the competition. The DM100 VDRs already have the technical lead, and the new warranty and service commitment position it as an even more dependable and cost-effective long-term investment.

DM100 Family

The high reliability experienced with the DM100 VDR Family on diverse ships globally has enabled us to introduce what is now the maritime industry’s longest VDR warranty period. The unprecedented year-long extension will help to shield customers from the potential of unplanned disruption, and should an issue occur at sea or in port, our global network of trained VDR engineers and the use of unique SWAP technology ensures a fast, and cost-free resolution when in warranty.

The new 2036 support horizon ensures that the DM100 VDR Family remains a highly cost-effective long-term option for meeting SOLAS regulations, while also strengthening it as part of onboard data-acquisition infrastructure that will be required for Ship Performance Monitoring systems designed to offer safer and more sustainable vessel and fleet operations, in the context of rigorous current and future carbon reduction legislation. 

The DM100 VDR Family reflects Danelec's commitment to solid, safe, and simple solutions that can be seamlessly integrated to deliver operational and economic value in the complex, highly regulated maritime market. The warranty and support extensions are a testament to the second-to-none hardware reliability as well as the expert-based and highly efficient global support network we have built up over two decades.

Designed exclusively for the maritime sector, the second-generation (G2) of our market-leading VDR offers unparalleled performance in a compact and lightweight form factor, ensuring easy installation and integration. While the market continues to face production and delivery delays, Danelec DM100 VDR Family systems remain unaffected and are always in stock and ready to ship.

The Danelec sales fulfillment teams continue to ensure that delivery dates are met and that shipping goes off without a hitch. Despite the challenging industry environment, it’s business as usual at Danelec and we are more than ready to help shipowners who have been struggling to get the VDR products they need.

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