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DanelecConnect Partner focus: Nautilus Labs

Delivering the data for advanced ship performance models

In a partnership that started over three years ago, Nautilus Labs leverages DanelecConnect to simplify data collection for full-suite fleet optimisation.

Nautilus Labs builds fleet optimisation products to enable owners and charterers to profitably decarbonise their fleets. Their Voyage Optimisation solution runs on vessel-specific performance models, which draw from billions of data points from high-frequency sensor data, weather data, and naval architectural principles. These data tags, such as Speed through Water, Speed over Ground, shaft power, fuel consumption, and more, empower Nautilus to generate highly accurate digital twins that allow operators to make informed decisions on speed and route to optimise for commercial targets, on-time arrival, or improved CII.

DanelecConnect enables us to directly connect sensor data, reports, and other data sources from the vessel to Nautilus,” says Russell Horn, Business Development Manager at Nautilus Labs. “By partnering with Danelec, we have been able to streamline our data collection workflows and more efficiently process high fidelity data sets so we can focus on other aspects of our offerings.

Standing out from the crowd

While Nautilus Labs is working across vessel segments, the company is leveraging DanelecConnect’s data services to provide a unique offering specifically for the LNG sector. The company’s Boil-Off Gas Optimisation (BOG) solution empowers LNG vessesl to reduce their LNG consumption while meeting ETA and terminal requirements. Using cargo composition data, pressure and temperature requirements at the arrival terminal, forecasted weather, and other information in the voyage plan, Nautilus produces recommendations on dynamic shaft speed or shaft power and the optimal volumes of gas to reliquefy and gas to burn in the GCU.

Danelec gives us the ability to lift all signals from high-frequency sensor data coming from fuel flow, shaft power, or torque meters, as well as daily inputs from noon and weather reports. This rich data pool allows us to generate more accurate simulations,” explains Russell.

Furthering the partnership

When Nautilus Labs and Danelec first started working together in 2019, they shared a vision to aggregate high quality data for a machine learning-based approach to voyage optimisation. Over the course of the partnership, Danelec has continued to enhance Nautilus’s data quality and integration capabilities.

As Nautilus continues to capitalise on DanelecConnect’s data management capabilities, our partnership will keep growing as new IMO regulations such as the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) come into force in January 2023.

Our partnership with Danelec and our collaboration on their new Kyma Shaft power meters will allow us to jointly bring greater emissions monitoring and actionable insights to the market,” said Russell.

The insights unlocked by shaft power meters and DanelecConnect’s offerings drive full emissions compliance, monitoring, and prediction. Combining Danelec’s EEXI ShaPoLi offering and Nautilus’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) solution will allow owners and operators a comprehensive solution to tackling the new IMO measures.

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