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DanelecConnect Partner focus: ioCurrents

Making sense of big data

DanelecConnect partner ioCurrents is on a mission to help the maritime industry leverage value from the massive amount of data that ships generate every single day.

Danelec customers enjoy the industry leading low-cost and resilience of our onboard IoT infrastructure, but the problem with putting big data into the operational mix is that it holds no value until insight for improvements can be generated from it. And that takes time and money.

Preferring to focus on technologies to acquire and share data, our solution to ensure that customers can optimise their investment in connectivity is to bring in the experts. So, we introduced our own cloud platform and established the DaneleConnect partner program to provide our customers access to the best, brightest and most innovative data specialist firms serving the maritime market.

ioCurrents, which started as a DanelecConnect partner in August 2020 is one of these firms. Staffed by a team of data scientists with a passion for maritime, the company has developed a third-party data analytics platform called MarineInsight, which applies AI and machine learning models to provide crews and shore staff with real-time, analysed, actionable outputs, from anywhere.

MarineInsight takes vessel data acquired by the pairing of DaneleConnect and our Vessel Remote Server (VRS), both of which are data and communications technology agnostic. Once the data leaves our system, MarineInsight transforms it into essential decision support information for predicting failures, optimising fuel consumption and improving maintenance process.

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Automating processes

With focus on automating processes that consume countless man hours, MarineInsight generates tangible value quickly and without needing a human in the loop. It’s AI and machine learning models makes sense of the available data by automatically generating and distributing actionable reports with insight on countless operational parameters.

The MRV report is a notable example,” explains Jon Best, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at ioCurrents. “It’s an international mandate from the EU that requires about 40 man hours per week, spread among different departments from engineering and operations to performance and compliance. But with reliable access to the raw data via DaneleConnect we automate the process and in doing so, free up over 180 man hours every month for every vessel.

This is just an entry level example of how MarineInsight’s automation can deliver savings according to Jon, but it’s clear that the potential of AI and machine learning deployed in the context of marine data is limitless. Not all ship owners and managers are ready to just dive straight in, however.

MarineInsight Fuel Efficiency Reports

Playing leapfrog

Digitalisation is a journey and not just a flip of a switch,” Jon said. “We usually start by walking people along the digitalisation path with easy to read, automated reports. But they soon become interested in the more advanced applications of MarineInsight made possible by the AI and machine learning models, which are generally focused on failure detection and prevention purposes.

MarineInsight’s machine learning models can detect on board systems that are trending towards a failure and automatically send out pro-active notifications to crews and shoreside staff, which provides an early warning and more time to investigate issues. Essentially, MarineInsight is always watching and ready to provide warning should it detect a trend of interest and in doing so it becomes an essential component of risk reduction and condition-based maintenance.

Now we have the digital foundation, resilient infrastructure like DanelecConnect, and much more available, lower cost satellite bandwidth, we can start to really drive maritime digitalisation forward,” added Jon. “We can do hyper accurate data when teaming up with Danelec that allows our customers to make informed decisions on all areas of operation, including fuel and emissions reduction, and decarbonisation.

Other industries have got to this point through a long and drawn-out process, with data scientists working for years to optimise digitalisation for end-users. With MarineInsight however, we can accelerate maritime digitalisation to leap frog a technological generation to achieve the same levels that aviation, rail and mining are at now. By using lessons learned on land, we can automate and optimise processes to refine big data into useable information for reducing the risk and cost of operating at sea,” Jon concluded.

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MarineInsight platform

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