A week of events for APAC partners and customers

Danelec’s senior management team is returning from a week of partner events in Singapore, which we arranged to coincide with the Sea Asia exhibition that took place 25th – 27th April at Marine Bay Sands. Three events in total were held, all within walking distance of the exhibition and all aimed at different audiences.

After walking the show floor at Sea Asia, the first of the three events took place in the afternoon on Tuesday 25th April and was designed to give regional partners a chance to meet the assembled management team which included Casper Jensen, Christian Kock, Halldor Rongve, Claus Borum and Dylan Tan, as well as members of the local team. This was followed by a series of presentations focusing on business updates as well as a look into forthcoming product strategies on VDR, digitalisation and Kyma Ship Performance. Around forty people attended the event, which made for a lively Q&A session before the formal part of the event finished and the networking part started.


The next day, we put on a special ‘Customer Sounding Board’ event, with the ambition to gather ten key customers so the Danelec management team could take feedback and discuss user-experiences directly. The event was a great success with fantastic engagement between the customer delegates and the Danelec team.

“We’re pleased to have had this chance to listen to our customers’ views on Danelec as a manufacturer and using our equipment or services in the course of their business and marine operations,” said Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec. “Our development cycle is always driven by needs in the market and this was an incredibly valuable session with our customers from the region that will certainly contribute towards our short- and long-term roadmap.”


The final event on Thursday focused on end-users guests and joined up with industry partners Cobham Satcom and StormGeo to provide insight on the maritime data value chain, from when it is acquired on board by sensors connected to Danelec VDRs, Kyma Shaft Power Meters and our maritime IoT infrastructure (DanelecConnect), through it’s safe transfer to shore by Cobham Satcom antennas to its use in software platforms, in this case StormGeo’s weather intelligence and operational decision support solution.


“The aim of the event was to share our collective expertise and show end-users the kind of efficiencies that are possible when implementing a more integrated digital strategy,” added Casper. “While Danelec is involved in the data acquisition and digital infrastructure part, dependable and flexible communications, and software designed to solve challenges are just as important to creating successful digital workflows that provide tangible return on investment and operational improvements.”

Danelec would like to thank our local team as well as staff from Cobham Satcom and StormGeo for their support in providing professional events with great content and hospitality. The biggest thank you goes to the end-users and partners who joined us. Thank you for making it such a positive and rewarding trip.

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