Access Your VDR
Data Anytime,

Є840 per year*

With VDR Remote Services, your VDR data is always a click away.

*Requirements: Voyage Data Recorder, Vessel Remote Server Є1.500

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With VDR Remote Services, You Can Boost Safety, Efficiency and Decrease Downtime

Access and manage your VDR data from anywhere, elevating safety and empowering proactive decision-making. Transform your maritime challenges into opportunities with minimized downtime and optimized resource allocation.

Instant Remote Data Access

Securely access and download VDR recordings from designated time periods

Effective Service Preparation, Alarm Analysis & Pre-APT

Identify errors and obtain additional service-related information to ensure a first-time fix of + 90%

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor not just your VDR, but all equipment and sensors connected

One Touch Secure Remote Configuration

Rectify errors and perform configuration remotely avoiding unplanned service call

Minimize Your Downtime

Real-time VDR and connected equipment status updates, aiding early detection of potential equipment issues.

Learn how it works
Minimize Your Downtime

VDR Remote Services is for the ship owner, the ship manager on shore, or the safety officer on ship. With Remote Service you have direct access to vessel data and actionable insights enabling you and your crew to efficiently complete service checks regardless of where you are.


Improving readiness for APTs and service visits

Start a pre-APT using our Remote Services for early insight into potential issues. This proactive strategy enhances coordination with your technical partner, promoting timely APT compliance.

Our services include a VDR data Dump for Support feature. Technicians can analyze VDR health remotely, assisting in en-route repairs or next harbor call prep.

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Driving safety through crew behavior and performance review

With our Remote Services, frequent extraction and analysis of VDR data to detect operational patterns or potential safety risks becomes simple.

Audio recordings offer insights into crew interactions, spotlighting improvement areas.

Identifying and rectifying unsafe or incorrect maneuvers through corrective actions or additional training can significantly boost overall safety.

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Maximize Your Return on Investment

Maximizing the ROI of vessels while ensuring safety and compliance can be a challenge.

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Maximize Your Return on Investment

Avoid unplanned service calls

With our one-touch secure remote configuration changes capabilities, you are empowered to rectify errors and modify VDR settings over the air, eliminating the hassle and costs of unplanned service visits. Exclusively accessible to certified technicians, our system promises not just convenience, but uncompromised security.